Monday, October 5, 2009

Committe meeting September 8th

September 8th saw the election of a committee to kick start Roscommon Birdwatch.

The principle officers elected were Chairperson: Padraig Rocke, Secretary: Ann Towey and Treasure: Craig Bullock.

Padraig will now request the formal registration of a branch of Birdwatch Ireland in Roscommon.

In the hope of this being granted there was some discussion regarding an outing at the beginning of December. We will publish details of this when there is confirmation of the event. It is early days and we will need lots of help in identifying locations and areas of interest for bird watching. It is our hope that those of you reading this blog will have some ideas to pass on to the committee.

With regard to this blog, it is possible to leave comments and communicate your ideas or thoughts. However due to the nature of the beast I’m afraid they will have to be vetted before they can be posted. I will endeavour to publish all relevant comments as soon as I can. Hopefully we can make this blog a base for information and contact. As time goes by we will be able to set up various means of communication that will enable this blog to become a true community effort. But as in many things the success of Roscommon Birdwatch and this blog will depend on you and your input. Padraig has given us a push in the right direction and agreed to act as chairperson. Now we must all try to keep up the momentum. As things develop I will update this blog so please keep in touch.

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