Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Upcoming Events

Sorry for not keeping in touch I have been a tad busy lately. However Padraig was on the phone to me with a gentle shove, so here goes.
Our Dawn Chorus will be on 16/May at Padraig Corcorans Farm in Lecarrow. We will meet in Lecarrow Village before the Cock Crows at 5am or 0500 which ever you like. Every one welcome (don't forget to bring warm clothing).
Monday the 14th of June will see an officer from NPWS (National Parks and Wildlife) give a talk on wildlife in Roscommon. This will be held in Hannons Hotel, Roscommon at 8pm. Once again all are welcome.
I will keep in touch and I will have an update closer to the time of the Dawn Chorus

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